Interesting resource for language learners: Voice of Russia

Several weeks ago I found the Serbian version of Voice of Russian radio, but only today I decided to check other versions of this site, and discovered that in some languages they upload both text and audio of their news.

But they do not store all audios, only the last 15 (the first page) are available on site.


I also checked Japanese and Serbian versions, but they do not have audios… I did not checked other languages (Vietnamese and so on, as I don’t understand them).

Rasana, you are a marvel. This is a great resource. We can use the Swedish now, and once we get Czech we can use the Czech. Since this is sort of like a Russian VOA, I think we do not need to ask permission but can just use it. I have starred the Czech for future reference, however you found this resource so I will leave it for you to load if you want.

I checked half a dozen of the supposed Swedish “audio news” and just found two with audio. Is anybody going to upload the content as a collection? Is it up for grabs?

Addition: There may be more audio content of course, but it seemed to be quite randomly distributed. Whoever will upload it (for instance, I…) has to check each news article.

Jeff, it’s all yours. Our Swedish learners will be very greatful!

I’ve checked others:

The list of languages is here — (Ukranian, Kirgiz, Uzbek do not have texts at all, only audios… Urdu, Arabic, Hindi and so on I can even read gg So, I don’t know what they suggest here. Italian and Spanish parts, as far as I understood, do not have audios except online radio).

Jeff, they store audio only for the first page of .

And yes, I will don’t mind if Jeff will upload Swedish articles from Voice of Russia (but I am still not sure that “Voice of Russia” will not mind :)) ). I am going to store audio and text for all Slavic languages + Greek. Just for my collection :))

Hmm… No, I am mistaken… Randomly chose one article from February under “audio” tag and it is with audio version… So, it depend on “a will of the left hind leg heel”* whether they remove audio for some article or not…

  • in Russian we say “так хочется пятке моей задней левой ноги”

Rasana, can you ask them if we can use this?

Ok, I’ve just e-mailed them. Let’s see what they will answer.

Super, I’ll watch this thread for any news, and if it’s OK to use the content I will upload as much as I can, as fast as it’s humanly possible. :slight_smile:

At the beginning I thought they would have the same articles available for every language but they don’t.
It’s still a good resource especially for those languages that it’s hard to find content.
I listened couple of the Greek articles, they were ok although the speakers were not natives.
Just a light accent, not important.

This is a great resource. I was looking for materials in Greek and this one has many. Thanks Rasana.