Interesting Podcasts in the German part

Today I discovered interesting new Podcasts in the German area! Wow, what a lot of work Vera! I searched for Podcasts but I got nothing. Congratulation Vera and I hope many learner are interested.

I had not noticed either. These are great! These podcasts are ideal.

The more new content we get, the better it is for all learners. I hope to see more new content in all languages. Thanks to Vera. I think it is a good idea to mention here whenever new content is added in different languages. Even though the learners of those languages notice it, I must admit that I do not always look into the different language sections to see what is happening. Thanks for bringing it up Irene.

I hope we will see some more new content in other languages too, and do not forget to mention it here.

Thank you Irene, thank you Steve.
I have transcript more interesting content in German and it will extend during the next weeks, but it’s a lot of work and needs a lot of time.
Look at “Gans am Boden” and the new “Wanhoffs wunderbare Welt der Wissenschaft” and I hope you enjoy it.

Is it possible to add these collections in the library to the “Feature Collections”?

Sure, I will add these Vera.

Thank you Mark.

I’ve started another interesting Podcast-Series from the NABU, an organisation that is establishing nature conservation. The first part is about the lesser spotted eagle.

Very interesting for all friends of the nature, I hope.

And please rename the category “Humour” in “Humor (Humour)”. Humor is the German expression.

Thank you.