Interesting concept, but super slow web

as title, I like this interesting concept, but super slow web has discouraged me to use it.

I’m not sure whether you are saying you find our site slow or your own internet connection is slow.

My internet speed is quite sufficient. I found it slow when clicking different tabs, and creating, deleting my own LingQ under vocabulary.

Of course there is always room for improvement and we do have plans to speed up the site, in a number of ways.

The Vocabulary section is particularly slow if you do individual deletions and open individual LingQs there. I use the batch Delete function under “more actions” to Delete, or do other similar changes in a batch fashion, in which case the slowness does not bother me.

To edit individual LingQs, it is best to do that from the WorkDesk or from Flash Cards.It just goes much faster. This has to do with the calculations in the system, something we will address in the future.

I do not find that the slowness of tabs is a problem. But speeding up the site is something we will get into in another few weeks.

What is the opinion of others ?

For me, the LinqQ widget is really a little slow, but all the rest is working fine. I had some speed problems a couple of weeks ago, but I’m not sure it was due to lingq or to my provider.


We will get on to the speed of the lingq widget as soon as we can.

I also notice that it took a long time to after I log-in.
I don’t mean to attack your site, just want to give you feedback about the user interface, so that it will become more popular - and business can grow.