Interested in Talking?

Hey there. I’m curious to see if anyone would be interested in talking in English on Skype this weekend just to see how it goes? I myself am learning Brazilian Portuguese (slowly) and any help with that is always appreciated.

Add me on Skype if interested (Skype name: lukecast)!

I would love to join a conversation anytime just as a listener ! :slight_smile: My skype is :(Jeremiah.refaat)

I can help you with Portuguese :smiley:
I’ve been studying English for a while, I know how to write, read, listen…
I don’t speak English fluently, that is why I am here, to improve it :slight_smile:
Skype name: isabella.bertolli

Great to see the responses.

@JeremyR100 Sure Jeremy, I don’t mind having you take part as a listener.

@isa0985 Awesome. Haha my Portuguese is just ok… still kinda basic though but I’m learning. I’m more than happy to speak English with you.

I’ll add you both to Skype!

hi i’m also interested to talk with you guys…i’m here in canada… .just arrived here last march 21…

hey guys … i’m a chinese girl … i wanna improve my english coz i wanna be an international nurse in the future … if u wnat to improve ur chinese or english …call me anytime … i’m interested in share ideas with people from all around the world …ar e u ready … my skype:marble20111

hi guys add me on skype, i want improve my english

Thanks for the interest! I’ve accepted everyone’s invitation on Skype. Hope see some of you online soon!

Sveiki, nežinau ar čia pataikiau, bet turiu klausimėlį:) Neseniai užsiregistravau, esu pradedantysis, šiuo metu skaitau ir klausausi istoriją “Jack and the Beanstalk”. Kol klausydama žiūriu į tekstą viskas gerai suprantu, bet kai bandau klausyt be teksto, tai suprantu gal 30-40%. Perklausiau apie 4 kartus, net nžn gal man ši istorija per sunki. Bet iš kitos pusės paprastučių istorijų “hello, how are you” nesinori klausyt, nes per lengva. Ką man patartumėt, bandyt šią istoriją ir toliau klausyt ar ieškot ko nors lengvesnio?

Zajímavé. Litevština má “ž” jako my.

Well, ‘Como brasileiro, minha língua nativa é o Português’ (I’m brazilian, so my native language is Portuguese)
If you are interested yet I would like an conversation anytime.
This would be funny, you said your portuguese is “just ok” and about my english… better not to comment. lol
I lost my account on skype, so right now I don’t have one yet, but I will make another one soon.
When this happen I going to update this topic and my profile with my new user.

Hi !
My name is Mutaz , I’m from Syria , 22 years old , very friendly and like to communicate very much :slight_smile:
ID : m.j0933

Hi! glad to be a member of Linguist.
I want to improve my oral English,to correct and improve my pronunciation .
maybe, is there anyone who can answer my question: do I need to buy points on LQ for the course on SKYPE? or conversation on SKYPE are totally free of charge?
that will be great.

thanks a lot!

@ys_lazy-jck - Yes, you need points to participate in conversations on Skype. To get points, you can either buy them or earn them from creating and sharing lessons or tutoring.

@mark thanks ,mark:>

hey is dere anybody online on skype…???

hey… i am english learner anybody who are same interest to me

hey… i am English learner anybody who are same interest to me

I’m interested in talking… call me at skype username: roleiko