Interested in improving or interested to improve?

I should say interested to improve or interested in improve?? i listened interested to improve but it is written interested in…

Although the recording says “interested to improve”, it should be “interested in improving”.

Uhnn, Steve spoke interested to improving, but it is ok ! thanks!

Steve said “interested to improve”

I wish I had the editing superpower, but I don’t. Have you got it Wulfgar?

I have the power to travel in time and the power to destroy the universe, but not the editing superpower.

You’re right. He did say that, but I’m thinking it was perhaps a slip of the tongue. He might have been THINKING, “It is interesting to me TO IMPROVE…”

Or got tangled up with “It is interesting TO KNOW…”

Or maybe it’s a Canadianism! :wink:

I was taught at the university that in such construction with prepositions we have to use the Gerund like:
I diddn’t approve of her drinking so much coffee.
My friend succeeded in translating this difficult text.
She was afraid of falling.
He is interested in developing the project.
But this topic is quite difficult because after some verbs it’s possible to use both Gerund and Infinitive,i.e.:
How long will you continue working?
or: She continued yto live with her parents.
Or sometimes only Infinitive:
He was the first to come.

I changed it. Hope that’s OK with you, Steve.