Intercambio de grabando: inglés y español/Exchange of recording: English and Spanish

Hola todos,

Soy inglés y aprendo español.

Para mi es muy facil encontrar textos que me gusta en español pero dificil encontrar el sonido.

Quizás ustedes también tengan la misma problema. Si hay alguien que quisiera su proprio texto leído por un nativo de Inglaterra, podríamos hacer un intercambio con sus textos y míos. Además, si tengo el mismo texto leído por personas variosas, puedo escuchar las diferencias de ciudades y países diferentes.



If you didn’t understand, what I wanted to say was:

I would like to read you English texts and make audios for them in exchange for some very kind person out there kindly recording the Spanish texts that I have but have no audio to listen to. We can help each other as well as make new content for LingQ.

Many thanks,



Can you provide an idea of the kind of content that you would like to listen to in Spanish?

I like content with a subject of discussion, stories, songs.

So far of what you have in the store, I have been enjoying your podcast with Tomas about education and politics, which I have listened to quite a lot. It seemed like you were both talking without really any regard to the fact that the recording would be used for learners such as myself, which made it real and interesting, you were both making points you wanted to make rather than just speaking for the sake of it. I think you mentioned something about continuing the discussion again at some point towards the end? Please do!I also liked the one with Humberto about emigrating to Canada.

The rest of the content I have seen has been interesting but not long enough to listen to many times. I thought that your podcasts would be too long in the beginning and was almost intimidated by the times of 10 - 15 minutes, but they’re great for a LingQ project, reading, learning the words, listening, listening. They’ve taken me a good amount of time to work through - about a week to check a paragraph or two each sitting. I don’t know of any other language learning environment where I can learn from something so long,

I also like the Beethoven one and I have a ‘Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofal’ audiobook, which I probably wouldn’t read in English, but it holds my attention enough to want to understand it and follow the story, and the reading of it is excellent.


Thanks for your comments. What you want is more of the kind of natural dialogue we have in our Podcasts. In other words it is not so useful to just have someone read something for you. It also makes sense for us to produce good content for many people to use. So the natural discussions in different languages are the answer.

I did a conversation with Federico of Argentina yesterday which we will put out as a podcast for you and others to use. I have done similar podcasts in French and Japanese, and sporadically in other languages. We have done a lot of these in English at our EnglishLingQ podcast, which is the model for the others.

I am hoping to find native speakers to do this, since I am conscious of the fact that I am not a native speaker and it is better for the learner to hear two native speakers.

We have native speakers starting to produce podcasts for us , off and on, in German, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese. We are hoping to build on this and would love to have more volunteers.

Thanks for your comment, Steve,

The content I have mentioned above is that which I have used. Of course this type of content is excellent, but it is not the only thing I need. Sorry, I should have mentioned the content that I would like to be read.

The content that I need is probably a bit boring for the average person, but I need to hear it because it is important to me that I understand it as and when I hear it again. At the moment I am experiencing a lot of Spanish bureaucracy, which I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies. I am having to ask questions and understand important answers about what to do to organize visas, residence documents etc., so I would like just a few paragraphs of one document I have.

This often happens that there is some particular important text that I want to understand, and listening as I go about my daily business helps me remember the language, as well as understand parts of better.

I would also like to listen to some news, I often read the newspaper in Spanish, and if I could hear a few articles read aloud it would be great.

Neither of these types of texts would take a great actor to read, someone reading them aloud normally would be just fine. I would of course gladly read something in exchange.

If I can help with any of your podcasts please let me know.