Intelligence is more about determination than talent - Salman Khan

See this article about learning from Salman Khan of the Khan Academy. He cites research that promotes a growth mindset towards intelligence. There may be innate factors but they are less important than the growth potential in everyone. This occurs through perseverance.

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Good article, I did a video on the subject in both English Learning and the Growth Mindset. - YouTube and French L'apprentissage des Langues et le Talent - YouTube

I agree 100%. I’ll go even further and say that talent is also about determination. When I was 6, I became very passionate about drawing, and spent the better part of several years practicing on a daily basis. I then moved onto painting, and nowadays whenever I hear people say “you’ve got a natural talent”, I say “yes, that and 10,000 hours of practice”.


I’ve been using his website to learn about the higher math and science levels. I never went onto the blog, because I didn’t care back then, but now that I’ve heard that he speaks about interesting things. I’ll follow his blog from now on.