Integrating ChatGPT TTS API into lingQ

ChatGPT produces amazing natural-sounding voice and supports multiple languages, I think it would significantly improve user experience. Hope developer team will consider it!


@zoran This is an excellent suggestion. Could you please pass this on to the developers ?


Yes please!!! :pray: :pray: :pray:

This is the #1 thing I wish was better on LingQ.

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Those voices are impressive! But, they aren’t free. I suspect it would be cost prohibitive for LingQ to include them unless they found a way to pass through the cost or link to a user’s paid account.

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I would love for Lingq to integrate a new TTS system that is better than the current one, but if I’m not mistaken, all the demos of ChatGPT TTS API (including those from OpenAI, developers testing the API, and using TTS within ChatGPT app) that I have seen in different languages have a distinct English accent. I believe it is not mature enough to be used on a language learning platform like Lingq. .


@srdurden makes a good point. I only listened to the voices in English.

Regarding cost, just now I set up a small chatGPT account (having used up my free account already a long time ago). You can do this with as little as $5.

Using the API I generated an mp3 of the shortest chapter in the book I am reading, about 340 words and about 2 minutes long, in French. It cost me 4 cents. Which seems like nothing! but would quickly become costly for LingQ unless they passed the cost through somehow.

I’m going off to listen to it now…