Integrate ChatGPT and Whisper into Lingq

The Whisper API could be used to transcribe audio files like podcasts, audio books, YouTube videos without a transcript, etc.

The ChatGPT API could be used to chat with an AI either trough text or speech.


A lot of this can already be done in other apps and in ChatGPT itself, but then you need to import all of it in Lingq.
I feel like this would make Lingq a lot better, especially in the writing and speech since those aspects aren’t as developed as reading and listening are in Lingq.


I don’t think you’ll have to wait too long for an update regarding this from us - Stay tuned!


I think it’d be useful to have an AI chatbot to practice having dialogues with, but although friendly, they’re not usually very intuitive.

You can perform mp3 to text locally on your computer, using Whisper, by following the instructions here:

I get an mp3 from a youtube video by using this free service (google for it):

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