Insufficient notifications about the Open Request

When I receive the notifications about the Open Requests last week, I don’t see if it is completed or not.
That’s why I did some Requests, however they were already completed!..
I don’t really need any points for the requests, but I don’t want to make vain efforts and spend my precious time for the work that is already done!..
Before I could see if the Request was done or not and how many people fulfiled this Request - i don’t want to be the 4th or 5th player!

Sorry for the trouble here!

When you click through from an email, it should show next to the request whether it is an “Open Request” or a “Completed Request.” You should also be able to see the comments by clicking on the “Comments” link if they aren’t appearing automatically.

If you’re still having trouble with this, would you forward us one of these emails so we can take a closer look into what the issue might be?

No, Alex, it isn’t so simple.
It was so like you wrote a week ago.
But now if I open the e-mail with the ‘open request’, I see two fields witrh the text for the correction - and nothing more!..
For example, for the last day it was among my e-mails a request from Neofight for Audio in Russian and from pfornai in writing correctioln in German.
And I had to go to their profile pages in order to know if they were completed or no - and they were completed indeed!- but I couldn’t see it by a simple opening the e-nails with their Requests.

There is a link top right which lead to the request. Does it not solve your problem?

Hmm, in that case would you forward one of these emails to support (at) so we can take a closer look? Thanks!