Instructive Indo-European animation

Seems like the best indo-euro animation on there to me. I found it historically and linguistically instructive. The color coding and color change for linguistic distance looks well done to me. Major historical events are nicely discernible.

Hittites in Anatolia, Sarmatians on the steppes, Hallstatt Proto-Celts on the Alp-northside 1600 BC, then expanding to Gaul and Britannia. Italics moving into Italy, Celtiberans moving into Iberia, Rome exploding and assimilating the Celtic Alps, Gaul and Iberia. Continental Celts squeezed out between Germanic and Latin, Greek east, Migration period creating fuzzy disturbance, Arab Andalus, Hungarians crashing the Pannonian basin 900. Germanic Rus on the eastern river system. Reconquista, Norman conquest tinging England from green to rusty, German east settlement…

I recommend .25 speed. Also sound off and this instead

Anyone notice mistakes?

Interesting stuff. I wonder who are those Iranian(?) speaking people living on the territory of Russia between 600 and 1000 a.d.? Could not be Alans.

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No expert, but the darker shaded north-western group getting slavicized 600-1000 could be declining late Sarmatian types, and the lighter shaded south-eastern group indeed Alan types. I found the first mistake though, in that there should have remained a purple Iranian speck in the Caucasus with Ossetian, whereas the animation has it disappear 1000-1100.

Also Volga Germans should have been visible by about 1900 at least.