"Insert a valid audio URL" issue

Hello, I’m experiencing this issue when I try to add an audio url (from youtube) to the lesson I just uploaded:

  • Campos “external_audio”: Insira um link de áudio válido
    I use chrome, but I’ve tried it on I.E, and I got the same error message.
    What can it be?


Audio files has to be in MP3 format. If you are trying to add audio from youtube, you can’t use video url, you will need to extract audio from it first and upload it as an mp3 file. Hope this helps!

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Hi Zoran!

Thanks for helping me!

I thought we could upload the audio or add an audio URL, being two different things.

I already downloaded the audio file and uploaded it, but I don’t have the rights for that (it’s a band’s song), that’s why I wanted to insert the video link and remove the audio file. :confused:

But thanks anyway!

Direct audio URLs will work, that’s correct, but videos URLs not.

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why is it that when I do this I get loads of errors in the text?

What exactly you do and what kind of errors you get?

Hey Zoran, I just saw a lesson with a youtube video.

That’s what I wanted to do. How can I do that?

Ah, I see. Those are actually lesson resources.
On the edit lesson page, click on the Resources tab, there you will find “Video” in the dropdown, choose it and add YouTube video link in the top field.
Then just go back to text and Save a lesson.

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Yay, that’s it! Thank you very much!