Inquiry about LINGQ Functionality in the Lesson

Does anyone know exactly what this I’m pointing to in the picture means? It shows up when you access information about a lesson.
because this number doesn’t correspond to the number that makes it appear with the number that appears at the end of the lesson.

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342 unique words in the lesson (combination of characters)

  • 248 learned words (words with a status of 4-5 - with a LingQ / saved meaning)
  • 77 LingQs (words with a status of 1-3 with a saved meaning)
  • 5 new words (no status / no saved meaning yet)
    = 12 known words without a LingQ / saved meaning

Whenever you save a word as ‘known’ without selecting a translation, LingQ assumes you already knew the word. This leads to a difference between the number of ‘known’ and ‘learned’ words.


thanks so much, interesting.

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