Inquiry About LingQ Affiliate Program


My name is Paulius and I have been using LingQ since late 2020. I have been enjoying LingQ’s services ever since I became a member and lately, I have started talking about it in my podcast and blog posts. After some thought, I have decided that I would like to become an official LingQ affiliate and popularize it even more with the use of my podcast, YouTube channel, Instagram, and other social platforms. If the LingQ community would be interested in such a proposal, what active steps could I take to become its official affiliate?

Here are the link’s to my YouTube channel and Instagram profile:
Podcast on YouTube:

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope to hear from you soon. I am looking for sponsors and believe that promoting a platform that I myself love and trust is the best bet!

Kind regards,
Paulius Juodis

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Related not too long ago, I suggested to the folks at LingQ that they ought to cultivate synergistic relationships like this.

Let’s hope they do something with you and others!

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I see the benefits to LingQ in wider promotion. And I see the benefit to youtubers in pushing additional traffic your way.

I don’t yet see the benefits to LingQ members. Maybe part of the discussion could address this.

ejackson, I’ll comment on that one.

I use YouTubers ALOT to study French. There’s some very high-quality comprehensible input they produce that isn’t that well integrated into LingQ. Rarely do I personally navigate to content already in LingQ. I usually start with the online content and then import it into LingQ for aided listening and reading.

I would be happy to see comp input promoted more. Consider offering a list for teachers to support it and lingq. I have a Greek group with many traditional teachers. Do another video with Giorgos. Yorgos about his siga siga book and how it links to compreh. Input and perhaps lingq if there was an importance version.

I’m learning Norwegian. I use LingQ as a reader. I occasionally import from the LingQ News Feed, but the bulk of my work on LingQ is reading novels that I have imported and edited for the purpose.

Early on I relied a lot on comprehensible input from a Norwegian yt site. It was very helpful in the very beginning, but as I advanced, the subject matter got very boring. I could never tolerate the children’s stories an such. So I switched to reading young adult and then adult fiction which provides tremendous frequency of exposure to words and the whole purpose of a novel is context.

I’m not disputing the value of yt channels. I think they are very valuable and still subscribe to a few intermediate level channels in Norwegian. But again, I see the value for LingQ and yt channels to feed one another, but I don’t see any benefit to LingQ subscribers. Wouldn’t just providing a list of resources be as useful? Like the side panel on r/norsk which lists dozens of resources.