Inglorious basterds

anyone seen this yet? It’s not exactly historically correct (it’s not even a little bit historically correct), but it was great (if you like pulp ficiton type movies)…

What was really great about this and what makes it relevant here is that it was almost equally in French, English, and German and then with a smattering of Italian. The villain tho’s known as the “jew hunter” I think really got his big break in world cinema, he’s been praised for his linguistic capabilities and he really played the part well… just as well as I think Tarantino could have dreamed him to play it.

He tried to break into Hollywood apparently but went back to Europe when he realized that all he was ever going to be able to do was say “Hail Hitler” in the background of movies. Ironically he got his debut on a world scale playing a nazi in this movie, but I hope to see him again and will probably search out for some of his work in German cinema.

I personally really liked this movie, I love Tarantino’s dialogue even if I don’t always like the movies. But this was the perfect mix of cartoonish comedy, history, action, and you can really tell it’s from a director who loves movies and who loves to be entertained.

The preview didn’t make it look very interesting but I’ve heard it’s really good from a some friends. It was also very well received by Australia’s most respected duo of film critics. I look forward to seeing it very soon.

I liked the preview… hmmm

hehe… Well, perhaps it was misleading. But like I said I haven’t seen it yet. The preview lead me to believe it would be a simple, fun action film. I’ve got one mate who went to see it because he saw the preview and he likes simple action films, but he absolutely hated the it! lol… which of course made me more curious because this friend and I have very different tastes in films.

Mind you, they release different versions of the same trailer in different countries. I’ll admit that some of the previews we get here are frustratingly bad.

Had your friend never heard of or watched a Tarantino film before?

I’m pretty sure he had, but he’s not the kind of person who likes having to think too much when watching films, nor read subtitles :S

Ok, I finally got around to watching the movie. At first, I was a little disappointed because I was hoping that it would be more serious. But then, later that day, as I was remembering some of the scenes from the film, I started to appreciate it more. Some of the parts were really funny and others just had that sense of style that Tarantino can embed into films.

My favourites scenes were definitely the underground tavern scene and the scene when they are greeted at the premiere by Hans (hilarious).

Anyone else have any thoughts?

Well, I saw the film, and the main (or perhaps only) reason I kept it with me was because of the German and French used in the film. I hope to rewatch it later when I further move along in my language studies.

Well I hope Christoph Waltz starts getting some more parts in larger budget movies where he doesn’t have to play a Nazi, I really enjoyed his performance…

Yeah, his character was definitely my favourite in the film.

me too… He was a great villan, so smart and cunning… and the languages just topped it off… you just dont see that often!