Inglorious Basterds in german

I uploaded a course with all the german parts of the movie Inglorious Basterds, not only the closed captions, but also the audios. I couldn’t get all the videos because you can’t really find all of them on youtube.
This took me two long days to finish because I had to record audio from the parts that I couldn’t find on internet and also I had to separate the subtitles as well… I hope you really enjoy and share it to your friends…

And by the way, I have uploaded as well all the french parts with the audio and subtitles…


Thank you so much for your time and efforts much appreciated for creating this course in German.


I am done with this course. Really enjoyed it. Liked the accents used in the movie.

Once again thank you so much for creating such a course.

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Thank you sir, I am uploading one part that I forgot today… In a few moments, so, I am warning you.

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Thank you a lot for taking the time and doing this!
I’m now really tempted to watch the movie in its entirety again and then going through your course. :slight_smile:


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That makes me happy!
This movie is my favorite and sometimes I watch it again… I hope you like the course, cheers!