Informal Conversation Group on Discord

We started a new group for spontaneous, informal chat and group conversations. We can converse in any language that is appropriate at the time. So far, the people are relaxed but some are very serious language learners and polyglots. Give us a look. Here’s an invitation :

I wonder what “Discord” is.

I don’t see the point of speaking to other language learners. Just speak to natives like a native would. Much better.

Discord is a platform (actually for gamers) to get together and interact for gaming. But it’s also perfect for language learners to have group text chats and voice calls (no video). We exchange conversation, and post interesting links like movie clips, music, images, etc. to entertain and also to use as material for conversation. For example, we just started a Film Club in English, and will start others in different languages. The group is only few days old, but several of us know each other from an another language group, and we have conversations in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, etc.

Well everyone in the group speaks one or more native language (e.g., Spanish/Catalan), so we wouldn’t start a voice call without one. We also have polyglots who speak multiple languages. If you are French, then you can moderate a French call, and participate in a German call, if you are learning. Our group is not a replacement for taking private lessons here or using other resources to advance in the language.

It sounds like you already have an ideal situation where you are speaking with native Germans and Norwegians, so good luck.

Yutaka, if you are interested, you are welcome to take a look. Hope to see you there.

The link above is expired. Here’s a new invitation :

Can you provide a link that doesn expire?