Inflated Word Count

So I have been using LingQ for about a week now. I quite enjoy it and feel that I am learning a lot.
However, I believe my official number of “Words Learned” is way over inflated. It currently says I have learned 104 words in Portuguese. This is way too much.
When I count up my words manually, I end up with 45. I also have only one word that is set to 4, as I have noticed 4’s get included in my count. So the count should read 46.
Can this be fixed?

Known words count doesn’t include only yellow words (LingQs) you saved and moved to status 4 (or checkmarked). It also includes words you made Known directly in a lesson, by making them white.
List of all Known words isn’t available, but the number of Known words on the Vocabulary list doesn’t match the total known words count, that’s actually normal.