Indonesian on LingQ

I think LingQ should have more languages available. As far as I am concerned, bahasa Indonesia/Indonesian would be really great. It’s one of the most spoken language (because of the number of Indonesian people).
Most of the languages available on LingQ are Indo-European languages, which is quite unfair for the other languages from Africa and Asia.

I hope I was not misunderstood. I am not criticizing it, this website is already really great. My point is that this method is so good that it would be wonderful (utopian maybe?) to see more and more languages available. Also I was looking on the website for a place to vote for a language but could not find it, that’s why I wrote it here. I will look on the facebook page then, thanks :slight_smile:
By the way, I thought Hebrew and Finnish (not sure about Arabic and Turkish) were Indo-European languages ( fuzzy memories from my first year at uni )…? I think I remember my teacher saying that we can find similar roots in Hebrew.

This is the link to the Facebook poll on beta languages:

A language needs to reach 1,000 votes to be added. If anyone would like to help me, please vote for all the European languages! :slight_smile:

Nope, I think he means what he says - the European languages.

(It’s Mike’s dream to learn ALL of the official languages of the European Union!)

Not IE languages (I already studied some Finnish and have recently started with Turkish) and not EU Languages only, either, but the languages of the European continent, or at least those with an official status.

Modern Greek is leading with 145 votes, Romanian has 138, Ancient Greek 84 and so on.

You are welcome.

I’m also interested in Indonesian - very tempted to use another language slot for it, but I’m not sure a) what the impact is on the communal glossary and b) what downsides there are… is the thread somewhere about this?

If you were to study Indonesian in the Chinese slot, for example, it wouldn’t interfere at all since the script is different and there’s no chance of any overlap. The only downsides (?) are that you won’t have integrated dictionaries and that your stats for Indonesian in this case would be shown as Chinese.

Thanks Alex! Good tip!

Hi Alex, I tried using Chinese for Indonesian. The word splitting algorithm means that the example sentences are only a few words long. Is word splitting in Arabic or Hebrew more suitable? Any advice welcome.

I don’t believe the splitting algorithm is any different for Chinese and Japanese, just the word database. Since Indonesian words use a different alphabet, I wouldn’t imagine it would affect how they are split. Word splitting is not supported for beta languages, but you’re welcome to try this in different slots to see if it functions any differently.

Arabic slot seems to work well, thanks Alex.