Indonesian Mini Stories Voice has strange accent

Hello I’m new to LingQ since 2 days and I try it out to fresh up my 2nd mother tongue Indonesian. I quite enjoy the mini stories, even they are written in a bit to formal language but what perplexes me the most is the pronunciation of the narrator. She has a very strong dialect accent that i can just describe as Malaysian because she misses the very crucial rolling R-sound, her R is more like a flat, throat sound like in German (I should know, I’m half German/Indonesian). Of course Indonesia is one of the linguistically most diverse countries in the world but the rolling R-sound is a feature of the standard pronunciation of Indonesian, it gives newcomers to the language a very wrong “impression” of how standard Indonesian sounds like.

On a 2nd note, sound quality was lacking and the mic sounded covered for the half of the 2nd mini story.


Thanks, I’ll check this with our content team, but honestly not sure if we will be able to replace this stories in the near future. We will definitely look into it and see what we can do to improve them over time.


I assumed she was from Kalimantan somewhere. She does in fact have a uvular R. I think the same girl did both Malay and Indonesian. I’m still glad we have LingQ Indonesian though.

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Yes I’m also glad :slight_smile:

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If you could look into it would be nice :slight_smile:

Is Indonesian still one of the beta status languages on Lingq? I was searching for forum entries about Indo topics and either I still don’t understand how to search or there aren’t so many entries. I think the awareness about these little things depends on the community but also natives among them noticing these details.

For my part I’ve lived long enough, the wee-years of my childhood, in Jakarta to tell you that it’s a bit off. It’s the r and maybe the ng sounds but with the ng I could be biased because I’m Javanese. Also Indonesian tend to not go up with their voice at the end of a sentence question but I’ve heard Malaysians do but this could be a textbook kind of situation.

But wait, I’m confused, in the title you said Indonesian, but then you said Malaysian in the boxy of the text, before returning to Indonesian towards the end, could you please elaborate for those of us who are none the wiser?