Indonesian dictionary

Just wanted to share this useful Indonesian-to-English dictionary resource I’ve been using for some years now:

Here’s an example entry:

Word: abis

Short Definition: finished, used up; completed, through, concluded. Also MENG–I, MENG–KAN, +

English Definition: see HABIS ^*1 finished, used up. 2 completed, concluded. 3 “what do you expect?” MENG–I: 1 end, finish (speech, etc.) 2 finish off, wipe out. 3 spend (time). MENG–KAN: 1 finish (o.'s story, job, etc.). 2 spend (time). 3 use up, consume. KE–AN: run out of. PENG–AN: end, conclusion (of a story). ###

L2 Definition: Selesai/tamat. Sudah tidak ada lagi sisanya. Sesudah/setelah. Karena. ###

Examples: ABISLAH riwayatnya. = His life is FINISHED. Buku ini sudah ABIS dibacanya. = He has already FINISHED reading this book. ABIS makan, pergilah ia ke pasar. = AFTER (FINISHING) eating, she went to the market. Dia menangis, ABIS selalu dimarahi. = He cried because he is always scolded. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? ###

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