Individual Kanji dictionary lookup and notes

I personally feel it would be REALLY nice to be able to lookup dictionary definition and readings of individual kanji contained within compounds and also take notes on them (in case we want to create self created mnemonics or other such helpful kanji learning techniques within the context of native exposure). Would be nice if we could takes notes on individual kanji so overtime we come across them, even in a different word, our previous notes remain. Not sure if anybody else would find this helpful or not, but would help me greatly in using lingq to also learn kanji, which up till now Ive been having issues with. Have to go to external sources, which Id prefer not too.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Have you used rikaikun?

I have, but I’m not aware of a way to add notes for kanji, also sometimes its missing readings for an individual kanji. Is there a way to add notes to individual kanji in rikakikun? That would be great. Thx for the suggestion. i’ll look into that has a nice kanji search feature, complete with readings, common collocations and stroke order. Just click on the link below the “Kanji” sidebar when you search a word or add “#kanji” to your search.

appreciate the suggestion. although i’m not looking for a resource to lookup information about kanji but rather the ability to add my own notes within lingq, just like you can do for vocabulary but for individual kanji, to streamline the process just like lingq does for vocabulary. Thank yo for your suggestion though :slight_smile:

Ah, checking again it appears my answer was mistaken. ^^;
I had assumed it was possible to highlight the individual kanji in a word but I was wrong. Sorry about that.
Yeah, that could be a interesting feature, though it could create some confusion among beginners as to whether the hint is for a word or just a kanji.