Incorrect pinyin automatic tts not playing all character sounds

I find many words have the incorrect pinyin. I looked through past forums and notice that this issue ihas been reported more than 6 years ago and still it’s not been sorted out.
image (ru should be nu)
In addition, when I pointed out the issue I was asked to send examples. To be honest, the mini stories are great but there are literally hundreds of mistakes once the lingqs are created regarding pinyin and tts. If I had to send an email or write a forum post everytime I find a mistake, I’ll spend more time helping you fix the course than studying the language I’m interested in.

So, I was wondering if you are planning on fixing these or just leaving them for another 6 years?

Have you considered disabling this nonsense and just adding the correct Pinyin to your LingQ definitions? If I had to guess, this is the way most people do it. This gives you full control over what you learn and makes you independent of the whims of an algorithm.

We are doing our best to improve the feature.