Incorrect hint

Yesterday I flagged a hint as incorrect and added a correct translation. However, today, when I received my German LingQs of the Day, the hint provided for that same word was the one that I flagged, not the one I chose. Is this supposed to behave this way?

@mfr - The hint for the LingQ of the Day will be the same hint that should be shown on the Vocabulary page or when you click on the LingQ. Did you select this hint then adjust it, or did you flag it then click “Search dictionary” to enter your own hint? I wonder if your edited hint ended up not getting saved properly…

Hi Alex
I checked and the translation I chose is still there, so I guess it was saved properly; meanwhile the incorrect hint has been removed.
I don’t remember exactly how I did it, I think I flagged the incorrect hint and then clicked “Search dictionary” and pasted my own definition.
In the vocabulary page it is ok, and it also has the information that the incorrect hint has been removed.

By the way, the words in the vocabulary page are sorted alphabetically, but there’s no way to get words starting with a specific letter, or am I missing something? It’s very difficult to get to the word you are looking for. In this case I remember it was 2 days ago, but if I didn’t know the date, it would have been very difficult to get there.

@mfr - Thanks for the additional information. If you notice this happen again let us know!

Regarding sorting on the Vocabulary page, at the top left (EDIT: top right) there is a search box that defaults to “Starts with”. This way, you can type the first letter or two of the word you are looking for then submit the search to find that word. Hopefully this helps!

Hi Alex
Thanks for that information! It’s amazing how you sometimes look at things and don’t see them!
I think you mean top right, but now I can filter the words in different ways. Thanks again!