Incorporating the Heisig method of kanji learning into the Japanese dictionaries somehow

For those who dont know, the Heisig method Im referring to is a nemnonic way of learning to understand and write kanji which I and many others have used to great effect (

Heisig pairs each kanji with a keyword and this is incorporated into a story that one creates using all the other elements of the character being studied.

The above website is a study tool for those using heisigs method and helps with easy access to keywords and stories. It would be of great use to me and those like me if there was some way if this database could be somehow married to the linq access page.


I have used Heisig and found it helpful in getting started on the Kanji. The reality, in my case, was that not until I tried to read real Japanese texts was I truly able to learn the Kanji. People learn differently though, and I’m sure some combination of Heisig with studying on LingQ could be effective. We don’t, however, have any plans to integrate Heisig’s system with ours.

Heisig’s Remembering The Kanji should be used with This website is just amazing and the community at the forum is also very good. I have finished RTK using and I can say it makes a trememdous difference in the way you understand kanji. A lot of people do not agree with Heisig’s method and I understand that people learn differently, but the effectiveness of the method is just unquestionable. Try to finish Heisg and after that use LingQ. It will be great. Now we just need LingQ working properlly for Asian Languages!