Inconsistent methods for tracking of reading and listening

Up until a month ago, I was using LingQ to exclusively further my Russian. However, I could never figure out how word counts and listening counts were tracked. If I listened to a Russian lesson and stopped along the way to make links, it did not count as listening for some inexplicable reason. If I stopped anywhere in the middle of a lesson, the words I read or listened to thus far didn’t count at all. It seemed that only if I finished a lesson did my words or listening time count. Moreover, it seemed that I had to do one or the other: listen straight through without links to have it count as listening time, or I could read it and make links which would only activate the reading amounts. Neither of these tracking methods made sense to me but I figured that is the way they were. If I listened/watched the accompanying video, that didn’t count at all.

However, when I started Spanish a month ago, I found that a the tracking system was totally different from what I encountered with Russian. First, the word count changed per page, regardless of whether I finished a lesson. However, inexplicably, sometimes the word count and listening time would both increase for a particular lesson when I listened and read it simultaneously and sometimes it wouldn’t, much to my frustration. (The listening time only counted if I completed the lesson.) The fact that the tracking is not consistent within Spanish and does not match what occurs in Russian makes no sense to me whatsoever.

I do not know how the tracking system works with the other languages but it seems to me that it should be uniform across all languages and consistent within each language.

I’ve noticed the same thing for Russian and I feel your pain. I was always hoping it would be fixed eventually. In the meantime I just made sure to finish a lesson once I started it even though it’s awkward starting the next day mid-chapter. I don’t think I’ve even checked it for Spanish or French.