Incomplete Open Request sits in limbo

I have an open (audio transcription) request that is two months old now and has not been completed. There are a few comments posted, but no one (that I can see) has ever clicked on the ‘fulfill request’ button or, if they have, they haven’t posted their response. Now I would just like to delete this request, but the system won’t allow me to do so. The only option the system offers for this request right now is ‘edit’, but I tested the edit function and the system doesn’t actually even allow me to do this. (Through edit, I thought I could at least reduce the points down to 1.) This open request is just sitting there in limbo.

I need some technical support. Thanks!

In the German section there is a request from April pending too. In this case it has got 6 (!) answers for 300 points. Wow, 50 points for each answer = 0,375 $ for probably 20-30 minutes of work.

Here is the link to it: Login - LingQ

The difference being that with the German language request, responses have been submitted, so points can be awarded, and thereby the request can be completed by the person who submitted the request, as long as that person hasn’t passed away or lost internet access or something.

With my request, no one has submitted a response, so I can’t award points, therefore I can’t complete the request. Nor can I delete the request. I have no way to resolve my request.

Sorry nobody got to that part of the transcription for you. There is no way for us to delete that request unfortunately. As a workaround what I have done is submit a blank response to it so you can award me the points. Once you do that I can add the points back to your account.

I sent that user a message asking them to award the points and close that request.

Thanks, Mark. Workarounds are great. I find nothing wrong with workarounds.

Great. Should be all cleared up now! Thanks.

Deux poids et deux mesures! I recall having lost 1 000 points, given to a tuter, gratuitously. What I heard from you, Alex, was that there was nothing to do from your side. Now, I see that workarounds are great!?

Alex has been sick for a few days here. He will follow up with you when he is feeling better.

@Etudiant1 - Would you send me an email at alex (at) with a bit more information on this? I’ll be happy to follow up in the next day or two.

Hi Mark, I understand that nobody wants to do the transcription. The problem is that the suggested points for transcriptions are ridiculous low. That is why you can read this sentence on my profile: “For transcriptions I expect 250 points per minute, because the LingQ suggestion is too low.” I’ve mentioned this problem before in the thread where we have discussed the Exchange when it was invented.

That may be Vera. It also may be different for different languages. The suggested points are just a suggestion as the name implies. If a user thinks increasing the points available will bring more responses, they are free to do so. In this case, 3 of 4 transcriptions were completed. Perhaps this one just got missed. The rate that we suggest is based on rates we are charged for professional audio transcription when we prepare content internally.

Well, 3 of the 4 transcriptions were completed by different persons to help Bruce. I also think that the rate is too low compared to how much work it takes. Bruce was kind enough to send me some extra points for the effort.
May be profesional audio transcription uses speech recognition to reduce the amount of work, although I doubt it would be useful for the kind of audio Bruce asked it for.
I did not find it worth to transcribe the fourth one, and suggested that if he wanted he could subsribe it himself, and that it would be corrected by someone else (less work), like he usually does for his transcriptions. Just to explain why this fourth audio was not transcribed.

Best regards, Silvia

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This is exactly what I think. Maybe audio transcription software works for some languages well and then the transcription can be done much faster. And the audio quality and the kind of audio is important too. I’ve done a lot of transcriptions, and the rate I’m asking for is equal to the points that I get for other kind of requests on the exchange. The calculation of points is based on my experience.

In the case of correcting a transcript made by the student it can be okay. I haven’t checked that.