Inaudible Brazilian Mini Stories

Hi, some of the Brazilian Portuguese mini stories are of such bad quality that they are, for all intents and purposes, inaudible. I’ve tried speeding them up and slowing them down but I sti can’t make out the audio. The orator isn’t speaking clearly and loudly enough and there is way too much background noise interference. Is there anything else that anyone can recommend doing to tweak them or do they need to re-recorded?

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What stories exactly you have a problem with? Brazilian Portuguese Mini Stories were done by several different users so the audio isn’t the same in all stories. We will look into it and replace the audio in some stories if needed.

I’m not sure, they’re scattetedscattered throughout the problem’s with some of the male-submitted mini stories. The female stories are fine, but I’ve moved on to other lessons/courses now, so I can’t tell you which ones exactly but I may return to the Brazilian stories in the future if they get re-recorded or for the benefit of those which work well.

Thanks, we will check and re-record stories with bad audio.