"In Use" versus "Taken" in the Import section

I wonder why in the import section the number “In use” is greater than the number “Taken” for some items. It seems, that only items have this strange phenomenon, which are parts of a course (but I’m not sure). Maybe this happens, when people take the “FREE course”? Or is there another explanation?

That sounds like it could be related to the Free course. At any rate, we no longer pay attention to the Taken number so it isn’t relevant. In fact, we will remove it from the page since it adds confusion.

Thank you for the explanation.

For the content I’ve uploaded the number “in use” is always one more than “taken” - I’m sure it’s because I have the lesson myself: i.e., I upload something, another one takes it - two in use, but only one “taken”.

Does that make sense?

Yes, the “In use” is always “1” after adding a new item. But the difference at my items is more than one.

Now that I’ve had a closer look to my collection, I find that one text has two “users” although that one isn’t even shared. That is strange.

I want to say something else related to the “Take” action. In general I think that on the collection view page the “Take” buttons should all be replaced by tick boxes and there should be only one “Take” button at the bottom of the page which “takes” all the ticked lessons.


That is a good suggestion. We will be redoing the library in the near future and we welcome all suggestions.

Hi Jeff, this occurs with my content too, and I think it is a known problem. It occurs when someone open a collection with “Take all”. Then the “private” items are also picked up. This occurs to me with my own content, and it occurs to me, when I take content.

ktm, your suggestion is very good!