In the short text mode, can the app automatically play the sound of the words on the screen when I turn the page?

I use LingQ mainly with imported text. I know that I can’t click the play button and listen to an autogenerated reading of all the text I import all at once. That would be nice, but in the meantime, I think there potentially can be a work around. I’ve recently been using the feature with LingQ where it displays about half a sentence or so of imported text at a time. I’m really pleased that I can click the play button, and I can hear an AI bot read that short passage in Spanish instead of just hearing it read one word.

However, each time I turn the page, I have to click on the button to hear the words. Can you make an optional feature that allows the words to be spoken automatically when one turns the page (at least for the pages that don’t have too many words on them)? This is a concept that LingQ basically does for us when we click on an unknown word. We don’t have to click on an unknown word and then click again to hear the audio. The definition comes up and the audio is played at the same time.

If this is something LingQ can’t focus on at the moment, I probably will look into some automation tools on Android to do a workaround. I want to get closer and closer to the input philosophy of both reading and listening to learn a language, and if can kill two birds with one stone with LingQ, I’m going to.