In terms of

I can find the Chinese translation for phrase " in terms of ", however, I still don’t really know how to use this phrase correctly. Could you give me some examples for the usage of this phrase?

“In terms of” means approximately “from the point of view of”. It is used to describe different sides of a single issue.

However, the phrase “in terms of” is almost always followed by words like 'money, ‘economics’, ‘religion’, ‘sociology’, ‘biology’ etc. Usually these are words or expressions that are subject headings, that is, they might be the name of a university course or a chapter in a book.

“in terms of economics…” = “from the point of view of an economist…”
“in terms of accounting…” = "from the point of view of an accountant… "

We usually use “in terms of” when talking about abstract issues like politics, religion, science, etc.