In search of former Spanish Netflix content…and an ebook

Hello All, As I have commented heavily in the past, LingQ is a magical place and the ability to import Netflix subtitles one of its most amazing additions in the past few years. Since this feature arrived deep into my studies (and LingQ’s existence), several of the shows and movies I previously watched are no longer streaming in any country or region so far as I can tell. Thanks to a fellow forum contributor, I have been able to hunt down several I was missing, but some are still at large:

Movie – Aqui Entre Nos / Between Us(2011) – I have a video I downloaded from YouTube, but there are no subtitles and I have been unable to get them automatically added.í-entre-nos-Carmen-Beato/dp/B07TWNLQLJ

TV Show – El Hotel de Los Secretos (2016) Note: this is the Mexican adaptation on Netflix before Gran Hotel, which it is based on. El hotel de los secretos - Wikipedia

TV Show – Lo Que La Vida Me Robo (2014) – Episodes 41-60 Lo que la vida me robó - Wikipedia The episodes of both these shows are on YouTube, but without any or decent subtitles.

eBook - Las Claves de ‘El Símbolo Perdido’ by Pedro Pablo G. May – I read the paperback and I want to import it into LingQ. Las claves de «El símbolo perdido» - Pedro Pablo G. May | PlanetadeLibros

All of these I have owned, read, watched, or subscribed to. I would be enternally grateful to anyone who could supply any or all of the missing material which would allow my entire learning universe to be incorporated into LingQ.

In return, or if you are just interested, I am happy to share any Spanish content I have burned many hours importing—from Netflix or elsewhere. The only reason I have done so in the public library is because I do not have accompanying audio, which I believe is required. Copyright wise, we are in the clear, so let me know.

Regards and many thanks!