In Safari the new audio player doesn't display correctly in the Exchange

In Safari the new audio player doesn’t display correctly in the Exchange

Thanks neofight78. We’ll get that fixed.

This is still a problem.

Yes, we are still working on it. Sorry.

I’m using internet explorer, and the player constantly disappears throughout my lesson. This has been happening since the new layout has come about

@nadialyak, we’ve made some bug fixes, please try again.

This seems to be fixed now. Thank you :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

It seemed to be fixed, but now it’s continuing to happen again. Its very frustrating when I’m halfway through the audio lesson, and all of a sudden the player disappears. Even more frustrating is that with this new layout change, I can’t adjust the player to start playing at preciously the time slot where I initially left off

I have the same problem as nadialyak, both on Internet Explorer as well as Opera the player disappears, especially if during a pause I press K button or add new lingqs. The problem started with the introduction of new layout and continues to reoccur even now…

I’ve reported the bug to our developers. We’ll work on it right away.

Does this happen when you are using shortcuts?