In her husband's grave

Her last wish was to be buried in her husband’s grave.

Question: I don’t understand why the preposition “in” is used here instead of “beside”.
“be buried in her husband’s grave” means to be buried together?

Thank you!!!

In this sentence ‘in’ means ‘next to’ in order to be buried close together.

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Hi lilyyang…I read it as she is actually to be buried in her husband’s grave as in buried together. I see numerous references to this if I search…sometimes the cremated remains get put in together with the spouse, or maybe even the full bodies together, but it is something that happens.



A grave is a hole in the ground where a person’s remains are buried.

In Lily’s context, it does not mean “next to.” That’s way too specific, and probably not true, especially if this is a relatively modern scenario you are describing. It means that the husband and wife will be literally buried in the same hole. Typically this means one casket is buried and then another is added on top of it when the second person dies.

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