In contempt of

“The government is in contempt of Parliament”. What is the real meaning of this sentence?


Does it mean that Government disobeys the authority of the Parliament?

According to wikipedia ‘Contempt of Parliament’ is not so much disobeying but:

Contempt of Parliament is the crime of obstructing the parliament in the carrying out of its functions, or of hindering any Member of Parliament in the performance of his or her duties.

Another website (suite101) gives a few exemples like:
* Lying to a committee or House of Parliament
* Refusing to testify before a committee or produce documents necessary to an investigation
* Influencing a Member of Parliament (MP) through means such as bribery and threats.

Thanks silviad … I really appreciate your help …

“The government is in contempt of Parliament” is of course the phrase from the current events in Canada. This Friday (?), the parliamentary opposition to the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper accused him of Contempt to Parliament (and a few more sins, but technically this one was the decisive). By this, a new federal election have been forced in Canada, scheduled to take place in the begining of May. My car’s radio told it is like 6-th federal election in the last 10 years, but I could have confused the figures.

Sorry for my Contempt of JayB’s suggestion not to talk politics on language forums. Is Steve running independent?