Improving the language while travelling

Hello everyone!

I’m learning French and intend to spend 4 weeks in a french city from December (2015). Of course, I want to make the best of my time there for really learn french and be able to speak as much as I can. So I am openned to your suggestions:

When you travel to another country what do you do for practicing the language as much as possible?

Thank you very much!!! Best wishes in your learning.

First of all talking, talking, talking and reading newspapers, rainbow press, etc., what you like!
Besides, I would recommend you to surround yourself with the language as much as possible, listening to the radio and looking tv, going to cinema and theater, if you find some interesting play.
Total immersion! :slight_smile:

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Language exchanges! Any big city is usually full of friendly interesting people that would like to meet you. Check out or … great way to meet people and they’ll show you around, tell you about the best things to see etc. You can also do the same sort of thing with Couch Surfing where people are interested just to meet up for a coffee.


If you’re as outgoing, talkative and womanizing as every other Brazilian bro I’ve known you’ll do exactly the right things to maximize results with the language And the ladies :stuck_out_tongue:


It definitely helps if you’re single

Read everything you get your hands on. Don’t take a book with you in another language. Buy a magazine or book on arrival and set your telephone/computer/electric toothbrush to French.

Being 100% submerged in the language will get you far without too much effort. Also you already know 5500 words now and will probably know quite some more by the end of the year!

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when I was in germany on Oktoberfest. I found an adult male. We drank beer and we spoke. At the time I didn’t understand english absolutely))) but we had very interesting dialog)))
It was very fun)

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Thank you very much! I will try to do everything there. See you around! Best wishes!

Thank you very much! I have subscribed to mylanguage and conversationexchange. I’m already a member on Couchsurfing. I will try to find someone around Florianópolis, here in Brazil this year. And then, when I get there in France I’ll try to exchange languages. Great tips!!! See you around! Best wishes!

Not the case, buddy! Thank you anyway! See you around! Best wishes!

Yeap…But…, not the case! Thanks man!

I am doing just that right now! Every news I’m watching/listening is in French. Can’t get much of it now, but I’ll continue to do that. Still have time… Thank you! Best wishes on your language journey!

Yes, this kind of unique moment I’ll try to create. Meeting people in every single place you enter could be a good step in getting fluent with the language. Having fun, for me, is the main thing! Thanks a lot! Best wishes!

In which city will you go, if I may ask?