Improving English skills

Hi everybody.

I have been looking for native English speakers to improve my English skills. Please, if someone wants to help me, I will be very happy. Thanks a lot.
I hope see you soon.



I’m not English but we can talk and improve our english toghether :slight_smile:

Hello Peterko, I don’t have skype but I would like to help you in English. We can maybe talk through this forum or anywhere else.

Hello Everybody, I want to learn speak English but I want somebody teach me…Someone can Help me? Me Skype Adress is “SAMUEL19212”

Hello everybody,

I need someone to practice with me speaking English on Skype, If you are interest, here is my Skype ID : eng.mohammad.mustafa85
I am looking forward to hearing from u :slight_smile:

I’m really having hard time speaking english in front of a crowd. I have this idea but I’m running out of words. Can you help me improve it? thanks a lot. Skype: thomasedisown

ID: miomoto

@miomoto, As I search your id name in skype there are too many names appear, which one is yours?

Looking for person who may converse with me in English
my skpye id is rizwan.siddiqui7

hi friend i am syed basit from pakistan country and i want improve my english please can any body who can talk with me in english language my skype account is syedbasit991