Improving Audio

I’m using the lessons in Czech Beta to supplement my learning, and it’s great for building vocab and for strengthening my weakest area: aural comprehension.

However, I find that the audio on most lessons has very poor quality, making it very difficult or, at best, annoying to listen to. I am in-country and it would be no problem for me to get a friend to read the text. My iphone reliably gets far better recordings than those in the lesson library. It would be great to be able to upload an alternate audio file to use.

(Alternatively, I can make a whole new lesson with my new audio. But since it won’t let me copy the text from other lessons, I would have to type it all out, and I’m not very fast at typing in Czech!!)

If you click on the “print lesson” button at the top of the lesson, you have access to a text of the lesson that you can copy-past in an imported lesson adding the audio that you like.