Improvement for music lovers: Option to play audio in higher quality for music. or to keep youtube audio playing when clicking on a lingq

It would make using the site so much more pleasant if I could click on lingqs without using the audio from youtube video.

The bitrate on the audio import function is too low to enjoy the songs when I’m learning.
Alternatively to raising the bitrate lingq’s server could encode the files in m4a or maybe opus for better quality at the same bitrate.

I’m guessing bitrate is low to keep costs down. So ability to keep video playing while clicking on lingqs would be really great.

I would like to second the ability to keep the video playing when clicking on LingQs. It’s frustrating to click on a LingQ and then have to start the video all over again.

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I think it’s not allowed by youtube to have to keep the audio playing, but what they could do is have the video move somewhere else on the webpage while the youtube viewer gets taken over by translation UI.

In the web version, if you use sentence view, the video pauses when you click on a word and then you can resume playing. No need to restart the video.

I have no idea if the functionality is the same on a phone or tablet.

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@william.james, BlackJoe23 - What device are you using when the video is stopped? It does stop on the web and re-start from the same location. I’m also not entirely clear what you are asking for here. Is it that you want the video to keep playing and you don’t care to hear the specific audio for the word you clicked on?

Yes I don’t care to hear the audio of the specific word I clicked on.

I’m doing this on chrome on my desktop.

It would be nice if there was an option to keep the youtube audio playing even when you are adding lingqs.
I would import the audiofiles to lingq the quality sounds unpleasant when you upload music.

@BlackJoe23 - If you untick the Setting to play TTS automatically, this will work for you. You will find it in the Reader settings.

Were you saying that If I disable TTS audio should keep playing when I click on a lingq because that didn’t work at least not right after applying it.

Disabling auto tts does help. In the case of sentence mode. If you set reader mode to auto the YouTube video get’s hidden and stops playing. The behavior is the same in sentence mode except the video doesn’t hide which does make things easier.

It would be perfect if there was also an option to keep audio playing since you can transition between extra context and the material even quicker.
But sentence mode is good enough. Especially when you use yomichan with japanese since it makes my use case possible.

If you disable auto TTS the lesson audio file will keep playing when you click on words. It will still pause the video when clicking on words though.

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Yeah I get why it would pause on videos but it’d be nice if it were optional. (Because of audio quality reasons and convenience when creating custom lessons which is my main use)

We’ll continue to keep this in mind but I wouldn’t expect that change to be made. I think we would have more people unhappy with this change than happy with it. In the end, it is a personal thing and we simply can’t meet everyone’s wish list all the time, unfortunately!

Just some advice to those who struggle with these issues. The best solution I have found is.

Open Imported Video Lesson on LingQ in one window
Open the Video in a Different window.
Pause (and ignore) the video player used by LingQ.
Just play the video in its own window.
After you finish your lesson add the time of the video to your listening statistic.
Do this by going to the LingQ homepage and clicking the + symbol next to listening.

I never use videos on mobile for these reasons. It just isn’t practical.
I suggest reading books or news stories when on Mobile and save the Video Lessons for Desktop

Hope this helps!