Improved Quick LingQ View, Cloze Tests, Edit Forum Posts

We have just pushed some much requested updates to the site! Check out these changes:

Enhanced Quick LingQ View

Since our recent update to the blue LingQ popups many of you have been asking for the same functionality to be added to the Quick LingQ View. Quick LingQ View has now been updated and includes the Ignore button and the Google Translate button. Suggested Phrases and Text-To-Speech will, however, still only be accessible on the blue popups.

Improved Cloze Test

We have significantly improved the look and feel of the Cloze Tests. They now look and act very similarly to the Flashcards including automatic status increases for answering correctly twice in a row.

Edit Your Forum Posts, Spellchecker

Speaking of most requested features… This one’s for all of you long suffering forum keeners! Yes, you can now edit your Forum posts. We have also replaced the Forum spellchecker.

Improved Lesson Ratings

We made some improvements to the Lesson Ratings. You can now edit your ratings and we have added a flag so you can help us identify poor or inappropriate content. Any content that is flagged will be reviewed and removed if the editor agrees. Poor content could include copyright content, poor quality content or duplicate content.

Course Shelf

Finally, the Course shelf has been reorganized to list vertically, the same way as most of the other shelves in the Library.

As always, make sure to ctrl + refresh your browser a few times to clear your cache. Let us know what you think!

Everything is great! I have a question about the Share button located in the lessons. One of the selections is “Share on LingQ.” Does this mean that private lessons can be shared with individual members?

Thank you.

Glad you’re enjoying everything!

The “Share on LingQ” is a new feature that came with this update, but it appears to be experiencing a few bugs which we hope to have fixed soon. In the future, we do expect to add this functionality, as it’s essentially no different from emailing your friends a link to something on a website. Once the bugs are fixed, we will be sure to announce this feature as well :slight_smile:

So when I realise that this post is total gibberish I can edit it? Cool!

By the way, the spellchecker has just told me that I have spelled “realise” wrong. Is it a US spellchecker?

great updates! I’m going to test the editable forum posts right now UPDATE: wow it works!

¡Muchas gracias!

Estas actualizaciones son magníficas. Me gusta particularmente el diseño del tabulador QuickLingQ.

Yo pienso que la posibilidad de hacer corregir sus mensajes en el foro es muy útil porque, cuando escribes en otro idioma, puedes enviarlos a un tutor que los corriga, como estoy haciendo yo ahora. Si un estudiante del mismo idioma utilizara mi texto, tendría un texto gramaticalmente correcto.

"We have just pushed some much requested updates to the site! " I keep forgetting the address of the suggestion site. Would it be possible to have a button or so for it on the forum page? It could be that one day I’ll have a good suggestion to make…

Look at the bottom of the page. There is a little button saying “Feedback” next to the API and twitter logos, just above where it says "© 2002-2011 The Linguist Institute, Inc. All rights reserved. "

Mira al fondo de la pagína. Hay un botón pequeño que dice “Feedback”, al lado de los API y Twitter logos, encima donde dice "© 2002-2011 The Linguist Institute, Inc. All rights reserved. "

Will I never learn? ¡Gracias!

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(I’m going to write in Spanish because I need to practise a bit more.Voy a escribir en español porque necesito practicarlo un poco más)

Puedes pedir si LingQ pueden hacerlo un poco más grande. ¡Ah! Eso peude ser tu primera sugerencia.

You could ask if LingQ can make it a bit bigger. Ah! That can be your first suggestion.

I’m experiencing a server error anytime, I’m clicking on ‘Forum’, if I’m not logged in.
Edit: I realized, Vera already pointed that out.

Thank you for the editing function! :slight_smile:

@skyblueteapot - It appears that it is indeed an American/Canadian spellchecker, based on the dictionary that is installed on the server. We’re not making a statement or anything, so feel free to keep all the "s"s you want in your verbs :stuck_out_tongue:

@Fingerhut - A fix for this should be uploaded soon. :slight_smile: