Improve your English through popular TV shows and their Transcript

Do you like English TV shows but find them difficult. Internet to the results. Many popular TV shows, like Chuck, Sex and the City, SpongeBob Squarepants have their transcripts on the web.

For more see my blog post Orange Easy - Language Learning: Learn English from Popular TV shows

I’ve only recently realised this but there’s lots of potential for students and teachers here. Also, the English is in dialogue form, so learners will be getting naturally spoken English.

I guess that there will be transcripts for popular tv shows in other languages too. Does anybody have any links?

I think for intermediate and advance learners, transcripts will be a useful learning tool, especially if they already have an interest in the programme.

What do other people think?

Thank you for posting the link to your blog Orangetuesday!

You can find what would people may think here, and the link to the subtitles in various language to popular movies (in my post), from the below link:

You can also search this Forum (the box on the right) for “subtitles”, "movies, and “TV” . You’ll find quite many threads. Obviously, people are interested.

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download your favourite tv show/movie/etc, then get yourself the subtitle file, then while watching with subtitles also have the subtitles file open in another window, and every time you see a new word just copy/paste into an online dictionary.

note: do not infringe copyright yada yada

Thanks llya for the link to the other thread.

I didn’t like that you could also get the subtitle file too. Thanks yuriythebest.

what’s there not to like?


I like American TV shows and movies. I enjoy watching them on DVD, listening to them with my earphone and reading the transcript. I know the website TWIZ TV which you mentioned in your blog and download some transcripts from the site.

I imported many of the transcripts of my favorite American TV shows(The OC, Veronica Mars, 24, Full House, Friends) into the LingQ as a private use and read them with fun.

After I watch one of the episode on DVD, I read its transcript at LingQ on my lesson page and create some LingQs. Most of the transcripts contain the description of the scene and actions, and then, of course, its dialogs. I come across many unknown words and phrases, but it’s easy to imagine the meaning of those words and phrases, because I have just watched the episode.

Over 2 hours movies is too long to check the transcript. 20 - 40 minutes TV shows is enough to check it. I import about 2000 words each from the transcript. It’s about 6 lessons for 40 minutes TV show. After I read and check the meaning some words and phrases, I often watch the episode again on TV with English subtitle or without subtitle. It works and it’s fun.
It’s not difficult to understand what they are saying.

It’s boring to review vocabularies even at LingQ. However when I review the words and phrases which created from my favorite TV shows, it’s not boring.

I like this way.


Sorry, I meant to say I didn’t know that (downloading the subtitles).

Yuriythebest and Nobuo you’ve really added to what people can do with transcripts. I just thought it would be a useful resource but you’ve done the work and have found them to be useful.

So to get more out of transcripts -

Transcripts + subtitles + uploading transcripts into Linkq for your own private lessons (I didn’t know you could do this either).