Improve the library please: Translations and Lesson notes

At the moment there is no way to search for lessons with translations and lesson notes. These features are now available for a long time.

To use the friends page is not a solution because:

  • some providers hide there activity
  • you cannot find older translations and lesson notes because you activate the adding to the friends page later than the feature was introduced
  • there is no order!

It should be able to search for lessons with translation and lessons notes AND it should be shown in the information that there is a translation and that there are lesson notes available at the first sight (not in a pop up please).

In general I find the pop ups that are shown when you hover over something inconvenient. For example on the tutor search pages.

Additional explanation: I think showing information when you hover over something is not intuitive especially for newcomers. I remember that Berta mentioned this problem for the submenues too and I can tell you that my friend and my daughter had the same problem.

Thanks for the suggestions, Vera. We’ll keep these in mind as we continue moving forward.