Improve my reading and listening skills and comprehension level A1-A2 I want to reach the average B1 in two months

i need tips

Hi mrsaeed123,

Ultra-)Reading while listening (URL) based on LingQ / ReadLang is probably the most “efficient” approach in this context (this was an answer to Treve for learning Polish, but it’s the same for any other, esp. Indo-European language):


  • You could combine this approach with Anki (just export your LingQs as an Anki file and do your flashcards ca. 15 min a day). This is ideal if you want to “test” yourself after having read / listened to the texts you’re studying.
  • If you want to reach everyday fluency, it’s best to focus on a lot of contemporary dialogues (from podcasts / Youtube vids for your level and later Netflix shows).
  • If you want to improve your everyday English, one of the best podcasts out there is ESLPod. The host, Jeff McQuillan, and the script writer, Lucy Tse, are awesome (see: Mixcloud), and you can combine these dialogues with URL / Anki.
  • Perhaps somewhat controversial is the tip to skip fiction until you reach a B2-C1 level and to concentrate first on non-fiction texts (I’m thinking of Harari’s books, for example) and everyday dialogues. The basic idea behind this, however, is that you can progress “much faster” this way.

Good luck,