Impressions of the Olympic Games

Yesterday the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi were over.
I’ve written today a little article about my impressions from the Olympic Games.
It’s in Russian and here is the Link:

But even if you can’t read in Russian you can express in this thread your own impressions of the games in English.

Thank you for the article. I’ll be reading it this afternoon and I’m sure it’ll be a very useful lesson. As for the Olympic Games: I liked the opening very much. Unfortunately, I missed the closing ceremony.

I’ve watched many very exciting competitions and there were a few really emotional moments. It is always great to see people fulfill their dreams. Somehow the games also made me want to do more sports again myself.

Watching the ski-jump always reminds me that I don’t ever want to try this myself! :slight_smile:

(…) …Watching the ski-jump always reminds me that I don’t ever want to try this myself! :slight_smile: (…)

Same here. Can’t even get on a ladder without freaking out :wink:

Strangely enough though I don’t have problems when hiking in the mountains (unless you want me to look down into a gorge). The hightest I’ve been to so far was 5,600 metres (getting close to the peak of the Chimborazo in Ecuador).

I loved the snowboarding, especially as it was the first GBR medal on snow. The extreme park and the races were fantastic.

However, for me the games were overshadowed by the political situation in the Ukraine, the anti gay bill and the public whipping of the Pussy Riot members.

It all left me feeling more negative than positive towards Russia.


@evgueny40 - I’m sorry I was unable to read your article, evgueny, but I thought the games were highly successful and my Husband & I thoroughly enjoyed it all. We especially liked the curling, so very tactical. The ice-skating also was wonderful. A highly successful games, but such a shame it had to be so costly!


My friend Tim Coyle translated my article about the Olympic Games in Sochi into English.

Here is the link to the English translation for people who are intersted in it: