Sentence 1: What was your impression of him?
Sentence 2: The first impressions count.

I’m just wondering why the first impressions must be plural form, and your impression of someone or something is singular form?
Is it okay to use plural form in sentence 1 and singular form in sentence 2?

Thank you!!!

Sentence 1 is correct and should not be changed. That’s exactly how I would phrase this question.

Sentence 2 is not correct. It should be either:

The first impression counts.
First impressions count.

Both of these are grammatically correct, but you’d probably use the second because it is a statement about all first impressions in general.

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Thanks a lot.

Is it okay to use present tense in Sentence 1? What’s your impression of him?

Yes, certainly. That is common usage as well as grammatical.

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