Impossible to select text?

I dont know if it’s only with Japanese, but something, for some reasons, I can’t select the text I want, no matter how many times I retry. The system will just reject my selection, leaving no text selected. I then need to redo it again, with a different selection, trying to find a selection the system will accept.

Here’s an example: そう だ と して も. I was never able to select it.

Would you provide a link to a lesson where you’re having this issue?

I think the page does not even try to do anything with the selection before rejecting it; It’s so instantly undone, and no ajax request is made or whatever.

Thanks! I tried this and think I know what the issue might be, but to be clear would you be able to take a screenshot of the page and send it to us in an email? This should help to confirm if my hunch is right…

Sure. I just sent you a screenshot at support at-lingq-dot-com. Let me know if you need other information.

Note that another easy way to reproduce the problem 100% of the time, is to select a number (and the word next to it if you wish). Typically numbers are just not working; I believe it is by design. Though, it would be useful sometimes because the next word will alter the pronunciation of the two words combined.