Imports not synched on playlists between website and app, can't open ones on phone that I can on the website

A while ago I imported a book chapter by chapter, and on the old lingq obviously when something took multiple lessons due to being too long it would be corrupted, but this doesn’t seem completely fixed on lingq 5.0.
I uploaded chapter 11 before, and it worked on the first import but 2 and 3 are corrupted. So I deleted them from the playlist, went back to the book, reuploaded the parts 2 and 3 of chapter 11, then moved these to where chapter 11 was in my playlist. On the website this works perfectly, but on my phone, all the deleted lessons are still there (this goes for other times this happened when I was able to fix it) and the parts 2 and 3 that work on my laptop don’t work on my phone. The lessons just don’t load, nothing happens.

Are you using iOS or Android app?


Can you please try reinstalling the app? If it was just updated, please remove it and give it a clear install and let me know if that solves the issue.

It did not work, when I opened it up about half the lessons were missing, then they all loaded as I scrolled around, found my lesson I’m on, tapped it and it said I doubled my lingq goal for the day (which I did on pc) and it won’t load the lesson.

On my computer it actually loads the lesson but now the new update allows images, and it won’t let me click past the page with the image no matter what, sometimes even the page before it.