Importing YT video doesn't work properly

Honestly, I love LingQ, but there are so many things that don’t work properly I spend my evenings trying to fix stuff instead of learning the language.

Tonight, I tried to import this video:

Doesn’t work. There is a transcript, there is the timeline, everything, but LingQ just mix everything up, cut sentences in the middle and the voice is not properly aligned.

In some cases there can be problem with auto-generated subtitles and importing them. We are looking into improving things.

The whisper function on LingQ is a million times better than the YouTube automatically generated subtitles (in my experience, and for Turkish).

Rather than importing a YouTube video, I actually create an MP3 file of the video audio (if you google ‘YouTube to MP3’ you’ll find there are loads of sites which do this very quickly) and then import that file to LingQ using the whisper function.
This has become my default method for importing lessons now, now matter the original format of the lesson.


I will try that. I tried with that video but it was too big so I guess I’ll have to cut it to 60MB.