Importing YouTube video without obtaining audio files

I was used to importing a youtube video in a different way, which led to the creation of different segments of a given video. However, for some days now, I experienced a faster import speed with the downside of not being able to play the audio files in a playlist. Instead, when clicking on the lesson, I have the youtube video embedded in a frame but no selectable audio file, which I would need to use the ling-player offline as well.

We no longer add audio for YouTube imports, due to breaking YouTube rules. We had to stop doing so. From now on, for YT imports, you will get a text and video only.

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Thanks for the clarification!

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Hello Zoran ! Is that the reason why LingQ does not count time spent listening to an imported Youtube video as listening time in the user stats ? I have been uploading several lectures in my target language (Spanish) to LingQ and was quite disappointed to see that listening to them did not increase my total listening hours on a given day. I like LingQ in part because it allows me to keep track of any time I spend in the target language (be it listening time or numbers of word red) so this was quite a disappointment.

Your listening time should increase. We will investigate that.