Importing Youtube Video, but unable to use in playlist

The importing of youtube for lessons is a little confusing. When importing some youtube videos the contents is available as a audio file that can be used in a playlist. Other times you are only able to import the video with sound, but you cannot use the audio in a playlist?

As mentioned on other threads, due to some Google restrictions audio isn’t always imported automatically with subtitles and video.

In cases when only subtitles are imported, you can use any online YouTube to mp3 converter (like this one for example: ) and upload audio manually.


Hi Zoran,

My playlist has stopped adding completed lessons. Any idea how to fix it?

To trouble shoot, I increased my settings to 1000 items and tried some non-YouTube material, RFI, and even that didn’t come over like it used to Any ideas?


Can you check and confirm that you have " Auto add completed lessons to the Playlist" option enabled under the settings?

yes, that setting is checked. I just had a new lesson get added so it’s not everything. I’m not sure why the others (including RFI that has always come over) aren’t being added anymore.

I think it’s working now. For some reason the missing batch of audio tracks (not all were youtube) showed up in the middle of my thousand item playlist instead of at the bottom. Newly read items seem to be populating at the bottom of the list as they normally would again, who knows why that happened.

Also, any chance the audio size limit will be increased? Some of the inner french mp3s are just over 60MB.

For now limit will stay at 60MB, but maybe we will be able to increase it in future.

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